Incredible Guide for Keeping Goats Reveals:

How To Have the Healthiest, Best Producing,

Longest Living Goats in the Land.


You'll soon have such amazing goats your neighbours will be scratching their heads in wonder... and be asking "how?"

Dear Fellow Goat Lover,

Finally, a breakthrough new book, just for people like you (and me) who are enthusiastic about all the different breeds of goats. A book written by someone who knows, and has years of experience keeping goats.

feeding goatWhether you own goats as pets or for the incredible products that you can get out of them... this book about the best practices for keeping goats is definitely for you.

By the time you've finished reading and have been engrossed in this 90 Page eBook manual you'll be an expert.

There won't be a thing you don't know about the incredible world of keeping goats.

You'll avoid all the pain of simple mistakes most new goat farmers make along the way. Instead you can, in just 90 seconds, jump ahead of the pack with crucial knowledge that puts you in the driver's seat.

You will feel so much more secure and confident knowing that you are better prepared to care for your pet goat, or even to start a goat farm.

Now you can anticipate the future expecting to experience more fun and profit than ever before for you and your whole family.

"Such an amazing eBook manual - it gave me easy to follow information, which until now I couldn't find anywhere else. I've gone from skinny unhappy, poor milk producing goats, to the exact opposite. A happy healthy flock in record time. A big thank you to the “Goat Crazy” Team from myself and my goats"

Mary Peters - Goat Owner, Louisiana


You won't find this information about keeping goats anywhere else. Not at the pet store. Or at the library.  This eBook is EXCLUSIVE to us!

I promise this e-book is set to revolutionize the way people look at the humble goat. (Don't be surprised if your friends keep asking to borrow this book off you!)

Goat Crazy is jam packed with insight and absolutely necessary for goat keeping success - it's like a backstage pass into the secret world of healthy and profitable goats.

You'll uncover the truth you need to know. In as little as 90 seconds to download this .pdf ebook.

You could be armed with a wealth of information, from how to recognise and treat illnesses, to knowing how to buy the "perfect" goat.

This means you can sit back and enjoy every aspect of keeping goats without any of the worries!

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These are not theories but proven strategies,

from a lifetime's experience keeping goats

that will work for you.

goatkeeping book

"I really learned a lot in this book…. Far more than I will ever need to take care of Sherry (my pet angora goat), but its great to know that I am now *prepared* for anything that may happen. I especially feel more confident in keeping an eye out for any health problems and to prevent most of them with the right goatkeeping care. It’s all in the book – I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of keeping a goat."

Gunnar Petersen- Goat Owner, Maryborough


Have special sneak peek at what goatkeeping gems you'll discover in “Goat Crazy”:

  • The 62 Horribly Poisonous Plants to your Goats and how to avoid them.
  • The Absolute Best Ways to house and keep your Goat happy and healthy.
  • How to make the Milking Cycle work to your advantage.
  • Understand the 2 Crucial Sections of a dairy operation so you can sleep easy at night.
  • You'll Know The 7 Lifesaving Questions you must ask before keeping goats.
  • Discover the 3 different types of Fences that will save you precious time and money.
  • Goats and their wool - you'll understand every type and what they're used for...and how to make money from their wool.
  • You will become an expert on the differences between a "dry yearling, milking yearling and aged doe".
  • Let me show you which of these dairy goats best suits you
  • In great detail I cover: The 4 detailed areas of a Meat Operation and how to create one that guarantee you success every time.
  • You'll know exactly what to do if any of the Most Common types of illness' and injury occur.

    Make no mistake, these 20 goat keeping secrets alone will save you thousands of dollars, not to mention how much happier your goats will be.


  • Revealed Is How to Create the Ultimate Birthing kit - This is a must for anyone serious about Keeping Goats!
  • Find out how to protect your precious flock of kids during the Danger period of Birth to 2 Months.
  • 7 ways to Cure Goat Pinkeye, plus a never before shown 8th Simple, Safe and Effective way to cure your goat yourself. That's right I'll show you how to avoid that expensive Vet call out bill.
  • Your Goat will thank you when you know and understand How To Deal with any of the problems you may encounter during your goat’s pregnancy and birthing.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the 90 pages of this eBook there is so much more about keeping goats to discover and be delighted by!

"Goat Crazy is very informative and thorough in all aspects of goat owning. I especially found the information on goat training, feeding and diseases to be helpful. If we had this information about keeping goats before we got our first two goats, we wouldn't have made the mistakes that we did."

Laura Shorney - Goat Owner, Australia



nubian goats


You may be wondering Why This eBook Was Written?

For quite a few years there was simple one page web site that had basic online goat keeping information and a place where people could ask the tough questions such as:


  • How do you know and learn to know what is wrong with your Goat?
  • Why does it act the way that it does and what does it mean?
  • What is the best medication for Pink-Eye?
  • Can goats be raised for wool?
white goat

  • When do you milk them? My goat won't cooperate.
  • What viruses can goats get?
  • Which vaccines should I give to baby goats?
  • How much milk will a good nanny give at a milking?

  • How do I treat a nursing goat with sore udders and still be safe for a baby to suckle?
  • Are they friendly when small and will they bond with those who take care of them?
  • What's the most nutrient-rich plant, grass, or ground cover to plant inside an enclosure for goats?
  • Is it safe to de-worm a pregnant doe?


  • Some goats are known for giving birth to more than one kid. Is there a way to tell if a nanny will give birth to multiple kids BEFORE you buy her?
  • What is the proper care for keeping goats. I am new to this and would like to know their needs and how to care for them properly
  • Do goats need more than water and a field of grass, weeds and trees to live on?
  • What are the signs of parturition?

buy goat farming book
  • How much area does a Goat require to be Happy/Healthy and do they prefer grassy areas or enclosed areas at night?
  • What is a good milking goat and how do they compare to the adorable angoras personality and handling wise.
  • Are the goats, lactose intolerant?
  • Is it easy to raise goats? Do they require much space?

  • What kind of fence do you need for Goats in a Large place?
  • How long do they stay in heat?
  • Can goats be in the same pen as sheep and chickens?
  • What is another name for a Swiss Goat?

  • Do I need to separate my doe from my buck before birth?
  • What are the most toxic plants?
  • How is the best way to wean babies and at what age? We're starting to wean at about 6 weeks depending on the baby's size. What is the norm?
  • How long do you need to wait to drink the milk after de worming?

  • If a baby goat is called a "Kid", what is an old goat called?
  • I have a 2 day old kid female. Her and her sister were born on Sunday. This little kid is having a problem with its rear leg almost like its in the knee area not the hip area. What can cause this?
  • Why wont my baby boer goat nurse. I assume she is around 3 to 10 days old the umbilical cord is still attached. I have tried all I know any suggestions?
  • My goat had her first kid 4 days ago and today I noticed that one of her nipples is swollen and a blackish colour and seems to be leaking. What should I do?

feeding kid

  • Castration: At what age should this happen?
  • What is a whether goat?
  • Exactly how do goats mate?
  • Which goat makes the ideal pet for children and have all goats got horns?
  • What to do when a goat has a kid and doesn't take care of it and how do I take care of it?
  • This does sound silly but I really like goat's milk, cheese, etc (am allergic to cow's milk) and we might be buying a house with land. I would quite like to keep a goat never done anything like that before - is it realistic?
  • We are just starting out in the goat business. We bought a myotonic male 3 months old and 2 pygmy females just weaned from their mom. Can you tell me about breeding goats. Some say you need two males and separate the males from females. Got any information for new beginners? And how often do you worm them and what kind of medicine do you use?
  • Can my children hold the baby goats after they are born, or how early can they be handled?

  • What is involved in caring for a baby (1-2 week old) goat? (i.e. how often must they be fed a day, how long do they need to be fed on a bottle, when do they go to other types of food...)
  • Guide lines to start a dairy goat operation and market the milk.
  • This is about the goats that are like dwarfs, is it possible to house break them? also can you have them in most city limits?
  • How long do you feed a baby goat for and how do you transition it to just eating grass?

  • What is the best food to feed a rescue goat that is starving and very, very skinny?
  • What are the different breeds (need pictures); need info on each breed's temperament, use (dairy or no), size, color variations, hair length, type, history of breed, country of origin, etc., etc.
  • I have had two billys lose their hair around the top of their hooves. It don't seem to bother them, but it gets really red and raw looking. What should I do to remedy this problem?
  • How to feed them

  • How will I know when to trim their hooves and how much to trim? I know proper hoof care is very important, I want to learn to do this myself, I just don't want to clip them to short or leave them to to trim goat hoof
  • I just got a baby goat how long should it be bottle fed?
  • What to do with a caked udder?
  • How do you raise goats?

  • I have a newborn billygoat and it’s joints are too weak to support it without help holding it up to nurse. What can be done for it? What is wrong?
  • With mastitis in the goats udder, what is the blunt solution? Is the goat going to die, she just had her babies, what happens to them? And what is the best treatment?
  • How to you cure an urinary tract infection?
  • What treats can they eat?
  • Do Goats get colds?

  • What do they do all day when I'm not playing with them?
  • How do you catch Goats?
  • How can you tell how old a goat is?
  • What kind of goat would be good to have for a family pet and keep the weeds eaten in the back yard?

  • Do they get along well with other animals? Such as horses, sheep, cows and so on.
  • Is there any way to effectively socialize goats that have been neglected or are just plain nasty and mean? What's the best way to quickly tell the difference between goats that are well socialized and those that aren't when purchasing them?
  • What do they eat? How much does a goat cost per year?
  • What is required to keep goats?

  • Can you keep a goat in a backyard as a pet - if so what type are best suited?
  • How do you train a goat not to nibble on your clothes while working with him. They seem to want to sample your hair, clothing, eye glasses, etc. Do you tell the goat "no" and push it away? How do you discipline it, without scaring it, to get it to mind you.
  • What is your best advise to get started raising meat goats. How do you pick out the good from the bad? what do you look for? Things a novice needs to know.
  • What are female goats called?

  • Is antibiotic effective for foot rot and which antibiotic is MOST effective?
  • What is the best nutrition for goats?
  • What should a beginner know before buying their first dairy goat? Tips on how to purchase your first goat.
  • How long do goats usually live? How do I care for their hooves and teeth?

  • Why do goats have that little beard?
  • How do I get started in raising, milking, and housing Goats?
  • Do you have to milk all female goats?
  • Do they live in trees in any countries?

  • What kind of weeds will goats not eat?
  • Is it true that all male goats urinate on themselves and carry a bad odor? If so, why?
  • What is the best procedure for trimming hoofs? And how often is this required?
  • I know nothing about keeping goats, but am in love with the idea, how do I get started?

  • I have a goat with horns which I find intimidating. How can I make sure the animal does not injure me with them? And how can I ensure gentle behaviour from the goat?
  • I would like to buy some goats for my future farm. How much personal care do goats need?
  • How do you look after them and how can you get them tame?
  • How often can you breed a goat?

  • What is the best way to housetrain a Pygmy goat?
  • I am keeping a goat, I sometimes look at him wondering if he is lonely. Do goats need company with its own kind?
  • What is encephalitis in Goats?
  • How are you supposed to use a drench gun to give medication?

  • How to tell the age of a goat? What is the Buck to Nanny breeding ratio?
  • Pictures and instructions for debudding kid goats with rubber bands.
  • What is the best treatment for scours in goats?
  • What is the difference between dwarf and billy? And we would also like to know which kind is the most manageable, and smallest.

  • How many times a year should your goat have kids. We have our first crop and are wondering if we should breed for a second crop.
  • Goat wormers are few and far apart and it seem that the worms become resistant. What are the know herbal remedies? Or any home cure. Yrs. ago there was no big drug companies and goats made it alright I am sure.
  • What type of grass pasture is the best for grazing goats, both young and old?
  • Training.

  • How many goats per acre can you "run"?
  • Fencing, housing and marketing.
  • What is the best dewormer(s) to use and how often should a goat be dewormed?
  • How do you take care of foot rot? We have had so much rain that my goats seem to be susceptible.

It was the sheer volume of questions about keeping goats and demand from desperate fellow goat owners that has lead to this ebook.


download book keeping goatsBe Warned! This is not your average ebook filled with fluff and wordy nonsense.

It has straight to the point, hard hitting facts and information that answers in detail every possible question about keeping goats that you may have.

My aim is to have perfect, happy, (in fact delighted) goat owners and goats. It's for this reason that I'm prepared to offer such a generous gift and provide a no B.S Ironclad Guarantee.

If for Any reason you're not happy - you can get your money back... that's right - you're covered by my no risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Make no mistake "Goat Crazy" is a groundbreaking guide about keeping goats and it's the result of years and years of painstaking research compiled all into a single book, just for your convenience.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind information that you won't find in any bookstore or library.

And of course the best part is...

You Can Be Reading It 90 Seconds from Now!

In the past, others have paid up to a ridiculous $89.99 for books about keeping goats of poorer standard. (I still kick myself for not doing this book sooner - Sorry!)

You can have the benefit of this truly great e-book for a tiny $9.90

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And that's not all... When you say "Yes",

You'll be Given a Free Recipe eBook (valued at $37.77) as a special introductory gift just for you.

"Your Bonus eBook of recipes using goat cheese or cooking goat meat is Awesome and so easy to read and understand...Again The eBook is Outstanding."

Mary E. Jones - Vet and Goat Owner, Kentucky USA


NOTE** The Bonus book is only available with this pdf ebook download - the Amazon book versions do not include the Bonus recipe book **

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Goat Crazy: How to Have the Healthiest, Best Producing, Longest Living Goats in the Land


And the most exciting bit about "Goat Crazy" is that you can choose a downloadable E-book or a Kindle download format.

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If like me you like to read your book on paper, the good news is that the "Goat Crazy" Adobe .pdf ebook IS PRINT ENABLE APPROVED, so once you download this ebook to your computer, you just click your computer's PRINT button, and then store the printed pages of the book in a clip folder like I do!

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    Over 15 Goat Meat Recipes including:
  • Jamaican Curried Goat
  • Cabrito Stew
  • Goat With Vermicelli
  • Over 10 Delicious Goat Milk Recipes including:
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Chevre Dessert
  • ...and that's just a taste of the amazing meals you'll be able to create with “Goats: Tantalizing Recipes”.

In just a couple of minutes from now, you could download the ebook and bonus cookbook for only $9.90.

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Goat Crazy – Kindle book download

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Goat Crazy: How to Have the Healthiest, Best Producing, Longest Living Goats in the Land



Wishing you and your Goat a healthier, more productive and happier future.


The ‘Goat Crazy’ Team!


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